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3. 7. 2007


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(gretty@yahoo.com, 10. 10. 2007 9:04)

I love function about videos what are viiewing currently, youtube is improving well, but i have little request: is it possible to make videos opened i new tab, auto-paused? Because its annoying when you want watch many videos, and you have to pause all of them manually to make them load... please!


(asd-popa@gmail.com, 10. 10. 2007 9:04)

Thanks for your work! Now let's see how you'll interact with all the junk coming from social blogs, social networks, social software and the whole good load from web 2.0 ;) Tough luck on that!


(onli@gmail.com, 10. 10. 2007 9:04)

Welcome to the club of blogging folks around the world. I look forward to reading your entries, and I hope that you will remain inspired by interacting with us, through exchanging thoughts about whatever comes to mind, etc.